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Online Learning

Online learning is not just for schools any more. Web sites are quickly evolving into platform for companies and organizations looking to collaborate with their teams and provide essential learning processes via their web site.

Online Learning Systems

We build web sites with integrated online learning systems customized and branded for your educational institution, school, company, or organization for your organization to provide online learning as a service for customers or a tool for employees within your organization. Our online learning systems come with robust features and integrated payment processing. Contact us today to learn about your options for a web site with built in online learning.

Our Process

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Responsive Design

Your online learning needs to work across all devices to make the learning process as seamless as possible. We make sure your classroom and related tools can be seen and used easily across all devices.


Seamless Transactions

Whether your courses are freely available forinternal teams and staff or you are offering paid courses by membership or have a diverse product offering, our online learning provides a wide range of of options for payment transactions.

Search Optimized Infrastructure

We believe in providing a web ready online learning solution and that means including what you will need to have a solid basis for your search optimized structure. From a site map to meta tags, titles and more we make sure you have a solid foundation to move ahead.

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Blinkstream Online Learning Platform



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, with the assumption that the existing WordPress web site is on the latest version. We would want to do an assessment of the existing web site to ensure the web site is configured for compatibility.

Yes, we provide business class hosting with configurations for security and speed. However, you do not have to use our hosting. If you have existing hosting a web site can be built on or imported to existing hosting services.

Yes we do offer demand creation services including online advertising, and  lead generation

We use a Agile based design and development process whether you are getting a site designed from the ground up, or a redesigned site. we use a transparent process and documentation for easier approvals and implementation. Have a conversation and get a quote today.

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